Website Design and Development

Web Design and Development, Hosting Solutions by TechnoPlanet Enterprise The Organization providing the website will not meet the needs unless a website meets the needs of the intended users. Website development should be user-centred, evaluating the evolving design against user requirements. The first step is to define the business intended context of use, key scenarios of use and objectives. This helps prioritise design and provides a focus for evaluation. The design should take account of established guidelines for web writing style, navigation and page design. Representative end users should evaluate the site structure and page design. Management and maintenance is important to maintain usability.

TechnoPlanet Enterprise uses a wide range of techniques to tailor and research solutions that fits your business objectives, including ideation sessions, proposition analysis, customer needs mapping, usability testing, benchmarking and touch point integration studies.

Website Design

Design is a mision-critcal factor for digital markering. Excellent web design can help to propel a brand to new heights of sales and marketing performance jsut as mediocre design can harm its potential in these areas.

While technology provides the core foundations that enable digital markering to work, customers impressions of a brand are essentially tied to the visual interaction they encounter on the Web, which relies heavily on design architecture and aesthetics to enhace and optimize this customer experience.

Why is Website design so important to sales and marketing performance?
  • Design organizes site content in a hierarchical manner to give greatest emphasis to a site’s most significant content and features
  • Design creates navigation that makes it easier for customers to move from gathering information to understanding content.
  • Design differentiates a brand from its competitor’s websites
  • Design captures consumer attention through photographs, graphics, text and other elements and their arrangement
  • Design reaches global users in a superior manner through culturally-appropriate themes, colors, features and content
  • Design creates more positive and rewarding online experiences for customers and builds more positive impressions of brands

Web Content

Business content is a major Website issue because the quality of presentation and usefulness of the content determine whether a potential customer will be attracted to, or driven away, from the site. TechnoPlanet Enterprise uses methods like:
  • Using clear concise text with proper spelling and grammer to describe the business
  • Providing contact informat where ever its necessary
  • Using simple background colors and textures
  • Making regular changes to the website
  • Creating FAQ's for product and service websites
  • Provind effecient Navigation
  • and many more things which will keep the site at its best

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