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TechnoPlanet Enterpriser

TechnoPlanet Enterprise®, is a Infrastructure and Business Consulting, Process Automation, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Management and Support Company. We provide complete solutions for all business needs. By outsourcing to TechnoPlanet Enterprise, enterprises can focus on their core business while TechnoPlanet Enterprise ensures the quality of their IT Infrastructure, Brand building, Infrastructure manageability and support. Leading organizations have selected TechnoPlanet Enterprise as partner to help them improve their service levels, reduce capital expense and deal with the rising costs of bandwidth, energy, real estate and expertise. As a pioneer in Solution designing, TechnoPlanet Enterprise understands and harnesses the latest advances in technology and support process automation

"Solutions that are value for your money and business ideas!"

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions and will always go the extra mile to exceed clients' expectations. Our team is highly competent and delivery-orientated, responding directly to customer's needs and reacting quickly and intelligently to change. A structured management team led by Santosh H Raut, who has more than 22 years' experience grounds our activities. TechnoPlanet maintains its growth in a competitive market and workforce.

What We Do!

TechnoPlanet Enterpriser


TechnoPlanet helps StartUp's, Small, Mid and Big Size Organizations to make their business functioning easy and flawless.
Every Project bring something new to us. When we are approached for solutions by our clients. We give you our full attenton. After know your requirement we start putting together ideas that may not have occurred to you before and then work with you to bring these ideas to life
We work with your teams to understand your everday

  • Business processes,
  • Business requirements,
  • Gaps and
  • Road Maps

Not only Startup's but every organization need a exculsive and unique approach, which can work only for that business. TechnoPlanet with it's years of experience, understands every organizations business requirement precisely and devices unique plan to help them run their business processes. TechnoPlanet implements processes and supports businesses for a smooth flow of their business processes while business owners concentrate only on their business operations and future growth.

Business Automation

Business Automation is the Ultimate goal for every business owner to run their business with ease, fast and seamlessly. Making IT infrastructure and business process to adapt as the organizations grow is a major challenge for most business owners.
TechnoPlanet helps automate every process by implementing intelligent tools and Application Integration, Workflows, Data Protection, Security, Access Control and over that experience to drive all these tightly coupled. Loose or disconnected infrastructure is always open to hackers and other vulnerable attacks.
We provide a secured environment with limited required access. This way organizations are assured that users make minimal mistakes.
Our Infrastructure division provides additional security with I.T. security solutions.
Click here to know more about TechnoPlanet Enterprise I.T. Security Solutions.
Delivering Business Automation Solution requires:

  • Understanding of existing Process.
  • Understanding Gaps
  • Intelligence to Build Business Automation Process using provided understanding.
  • After implementation, keep Learning these processes using intelligence and optimize them to increase efficiency.


TechnoPlanet has Experienced Team and in-house Infrastructure to Build and deliver solutions for our clients. TechnoPlanet team have successfully developed, deployed and are managing many Infrastructure and Software solutions. With knowledge of working across multiple verticals. Designed, Deployed and Managing precise solutions as per client’s requirements. TechnoPlanet Excels in building any kind of solution with its successful deployment history till date. We have a high client retention ratio and most of our clients have more than 10+ years of relationship with us.
We have industry experts for most of the verticals we have worked for.
Every solution built by TechnoPlanet uses

  • Industry Experts,
  • Client Knowledge and
  • Team of Experienced and knowledgeable:
    • Solution Architect(s)
    • Project Manager(s)
    • Document Writers
    • Team Leader(s)
    • Designers
    • Developers
    • System Engineers
    *Depending on the type of project. The resource team changes. Whether it is a Business Process, Infrastructur, Software Project or everything together.

TechnoPlanet uses best in class

  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud Service Providers
for rapid build / development and deployement approach.


Managing a Process with same consistency requires an expert's assistance. With years of experience in building solutions which are out of the box and have automated business processes in many organizations across globe. TechnoPlanet feels pride to be select few organizations who have and can build, Business Process, Software Process and Infra Process together seamlessly. Our teams knows and Understands how all these processes are interconnected and has knowledge to build them to talk to each other.

TechnoPlanet helps organizations by

  • Managing their
    • Software Applications Space
      • Software Development
      • Software Product Sales
      • Software support and Maintenance
      • Software integration
    • IT Infrastructure Space
      • Support
        • Onsite Support
        • Remote Support
        • On Call Support
      • Network
        • Network Support and Management
        • Network Security Support and Management
        • WAN Connectivity
      • Business Continuity Solutions
        • Work From Home Solutions
        • Business Continuity Process Planning
        • Disaster Recovery Planning
        • Backup, Archival and Retrieval Planning considering RPO and RTO
    • Digital Space
      • Website Design and Development
      • Submitting Website to various Directory Listing
      • Performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Running Paid Ad's on Yelp, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
      • Optimizing Online content for Organic Search
      We provide total automated approach towards Digital content optimization.
      We have our own intelligence tools and applications which determine
      • Which Paid Ad's are doing well and which are not (By comparing the conversion ration)
      • What is trending for your business vertical accordingly create a execution plan
      • Keep optimizing Content over Website(s), Blogs, Facebook Page(s), LinkedIn Page(s) and other
      • Where re-marketing needs to be applied.
to know more about TechnoPlanet Enterprise Digital space offerings.


Organizations who have partnered with TechnoPlanet have achieved fast growth. TechnoPlanet Helps clients by end to end, out of the box services under one Roof. Services that are preciously tailormade for their specific requirement. Our team invests time and intelligence to study the current IT Infra and processes. Study the gaps and then design a solution which not only fills the gaps, but makes processes faster, easier and secure.

TechnoPlanet provides services like

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Services (ITIS)
    • Servers [Sizing -> Setup -> Manage]
      • Virtual Servers
        • Private Cloud (On-Prem)
        • In Cloud
        • Hybrid
      • Physical Servers
    • Network Support
      • Local area network (LAN)
      • Wide area network (WAN)
    • End Point Security
    • End Point Protection
    • Data Loss and Data Protection Solutions
    • Server and Application Security
    • Network Security
      • Local / Office Network
      • Protection from Internet [Using: Firewall / UTM / AI / ML]
      • Zero Day
      • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Software Services
  • Digital Services
Note: For most of the services mentioned above. TechnoPlanet provides, Solution Design > Deployment > Management > Support.
Our Team has years of experience in all the above mentioned services and technologies. We have successfully deployed and are managing various Enterprise and Mid Size IT Infrastructure deployments for our clients in India and abroad.