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Most of the organizations or run by IT in some or other way. Applications, Servers and Computers have taken over the daily processes. Many organizations have adapted to Business Automation using Intelligent Applications (AI) and Machine learning (ML). Adapting to Automation reduces time and effort invested to complete daily business requirements and these smart applications give business heads detailed insights which are required to take fast decisions.

Considerations for Infrastructure sizing:

It's not very easy to size any IT Infrastructure. Many things are to be considered to rightly size an Infrastructure. There a many tool’s available to do this sizing. Still a human consideration is required to take the final decision. Most of the infrastructure sizing’s consists of multiple devices, manufactures and verticals.
There are Six guidelines, which need to be properly looked at:
  1. Costing / Budget.
  2. Product Shelf Life.
  3. Technology.
  4. Product Support availability.
  5. Business requirements.
  6. Architecture
Let’s talk about each of the above points in detail.

Costing / Budget:

Every organization allocates a tentative / fixed budget for its Information technology (IT) requirements. The budgets are allocated for 5 years, 3 years and 1 year. Depending of the organization size, growth pattern and IT requirements. It is very essential for the company / consultant to know how the organization has grown in past few years. Depending on the growth pattern. The consulting organization must provide appropriate inputs to the management for considering
  1. Budget
  2. Infrastructure Life
  3. Business requirements
  4. Sizing requirements

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