Solutions that Work!

Software Solutions

In This Digital Era. Organizations need precisly sized Infrastructure along with right applications to run the business efficiently.
TechnoPlanet helps organizations by understanding their requirements and accordingly evaluating and suggesting right applications. We even help manage sizing, deploying and post deployment audit if the application was deployed by the vendor as per requirement. TechnoPlanet has Evaluated, Deployed and is Managing Software solutions for many organizations across globe.
Our Partners major product partners
  • Microsoft
    Few product sizing and deployments carried out by TechnoPlanet Enterprise for Small, Medium and Large business.
    • Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online
    • Microsoft Teams

  • Maxus Products deployed by TechnoPlanet Enterprise
    • MaxEdge
    • PayMAx
    • MaxFinance

I.T. Security Products

Security Threats have been evolving and businesses need to secure their Infrastructure, Applications and End Points against such threats.
Hackers can any time use any vulnerable fragment of the business infrastructure (Ex: Servers, Software Applications, Network and Endpoint) resulting in major business and data loss.
TechnoPlanet provides best in class security solutions sized exactly for your requirements.

We don’t sell security products

but are consultant’s and evaluators for many Hardware, Software and Security Product OEM’s.
We get hands-on experience for every product before their release. Our inputs are considered for future patches and version developments by OEM’s.
Since we understand and use Software’s and Infrastructure products from various OEM’s. We know what can fit a specific need.
TechnoPlanet not only provides best in class ultimate security solutions and saves costs by too. By providing right solutions from right vendors at right cost. Instead of buying bundles and suites from a single service provider.

Buy only what you need.

When OEM’s / SI’s are involved, they intend to sell everything they have in their portfolio. TechnoPlanet understands customer needs and sizes solutions which fit exactly to the need and can these solutions can grow as the organizations grow.
TechnoPlanet always considers Growth, while sizing solutions!
TechnoPlanet has sized and deployed many tools for Data Security and Thefts like
  • Single Sign On [SSO]
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Data Loss Prevention [DLP],
  • Digital rights Management [DRM],
  • Access rights Management [ARM],
  • End Point Security [EPS],
  • End Point Detection and response [EDR],
  • Email Security,
  • Email Gateway Security,
  • Unified Threat Management Firewalls [UTM],
  • Sand Boxing,
  • Security information and event management [SIEM],
  • Security Information Management [SIM]

Work from Home

Collaboration is need of hour!
With increasing threats from Network, Emails and Sharing Websites. Organizations are switching collaboration suites which are more closely connected and cut off from outside world.
Employees can easily interact, share and work together using these suites.
Organizations are even using these suites to Track Employee performance and Working hours.
There are many Collaboration suites available which seamlessly integrate and provide
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Integration with Enterprise Business Application(s)
  • Chats Engines
  • BOT Engines
  • Client Meeting Solution
  • Option for Internal Group Calls and Meeting(s).
  • Write Minutes of Meeting.
  • Share documents and Edit them together.
In All. Single Application Window for multiple activities.
TechnoPlanet understands clients’ needs and accordingly suggests Collaboration suites with required infrastructure and Security solutions in place to perform a smooth and secured work from home solution.